The Point Lookout Lighthouse has been called one of the most haunted lighthouses in the United States.

America’s Most Haunted: Point Lookout Lighthouse

Tales of faint voices heard in the distance, confederate dead walking the streets, and a lighthouse so ripe with paranormal activity, it’s been abandoned and fenced off from the public. This is Point Lookout, one of the most haunted places in Maryland.

During the American Civil War, Federal forces occupied Point Lookout from 1863-1865, building a prisoner of war camp and a hospital for the wounded returning from the Battle of Gettysburg. Because of the thousands of deaths at Point Lookout, people believe this location is haunted, especially the lighthouse.

point lookout maryland haunted lighthouse

The Point Lookout Lighthouse has been called the most haunted lighthouse in the United States. During the War of 1812, Point Lookout earned its name by providing a watch post for spotting incoming British ships. Numerous investigators have visited the house in the attempt to gauge paranormal activity. The Point Lookout Lighthouse has been featured in the TV shows Weird Travels and Mystery Hunter. The strange activity has also been highlighted on TLC’s series Haunted Lighthouses.

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