Civil War Then and Now: Surratt Boarding House

Now standing as a Chinese carry out, The Mary E. Surratt Boarding House is said to be the site where conspirators plotted to kidnap and subsequently to assassinate U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

In 1865, the military tribunal trying the conspirators of Lincoln’s assassination heard testimony from residents at the boarding house that Mary Surratt had regularly met with John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln conspirators at the house.

civil war then and now Mary E. Surratt Boarding House where the Lincoln conspirators stayed and plotted

The original building (left) stands three-and-one-half stories tall and was constructed by Jonathan T. Walker in 1843. It is located at 604 H Street NW Washington, DC.

historic photo of Mary Surrat House, circa 1890 by Mathew Brady

Historic photo of the Mary E. Surratt Boarding House around 1890 by Matthew Brady. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Brady-Handy Photograph Collection.

Did you know?
For her role as a member of the Abraham Lincoln assassination conspiracy plot, Mary Surratt became the first woman to be executed by the United States federal government.

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